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03 Sep, 2021
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Who Can Carry Out An EICR In 2021

An EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report can tell you the condition of the eletrics in a property and if there are any faults.

Who should carry out your EICR?

Electricians who are register and qualified should carry out an EICR. They will show and prove they are registered to carry out and certify your homes Electrical Installation Condition Report.


What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is conducted by a professional and registered electrician, who will inspect the condition of the electrics within a property and determine if they are in good condition or if any further work to bring the property up to standard is required.

The report will detail the address, type of property, estimated age of the wiring system and much more. See our example EICR on the service page.


How often does an EICR need to be done?

  • – At the change of occupancy and tenants
  • – Every five years
  • – A new property for landlords who buy to let

Is an EICR just for rented properties?

No. EICR’s can be carried out for any home, it is just a legal requirement for all properties rented to tenants since April 2021.

If you are moving home or looking to sell your current house, getting an EICR is a great idea to either highlight any issues or improves before buying or selling as a full home rewire could be costly.

Where can I get an EICR?

By contacting P Cookson maintenance today, you can book an EICR for your property. We cover the local areas for Nottingham, Derby and the midlands. If you are outside of this area, please contact us for our recommended electricians in your area.

Also we provide EPC’s for Nottingham, Derby and surrounding area.

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