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03 Sep, 2021
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An Energy Performance Certificate will give you an idea on how energy efficient the property is and what you can do to improve it.


Why get your EPC rating

The EPC rating is useful to know when buying a home, and a low rating can even be a good thing to help you barter the price down. However, it is only informing you of how energy efficient the house is and indicates some of the inefficiencies that may be costly to improve. 


It is good information to base your decision on? If considering to buy a home with a G or low EPC rating you will understand if you want to carry out extra work after buying the property how much it could cost. Although if it checks all your other boxes for the perfect home a low energy efficient rating shouldn’t put you off entirely.

If you want to know what an EPC rating is, check out our EPC Nottingham service.

An EPC isn’t always a good way to know home much your energy
bills will cost as it would also depend on the number of people in the home,
how much you use the kettle or even how long your showers are.

What is the average energy efficiency rating?

The average score for a home in the UK is Band D which is yellow. This would be a 60 out of 100. You need to get up to 92 to reach an A band. Low lowest band (G) is a score of 1-20 in the UK.


What is a good energy rating for a house?

C Band or above is a good rating for a home, this is the first of the green bands in which you need a 69 or more to achieve. These homes will have a higher than average energy rating which will help lower your energy bills and make your home more attractive when trying to sell it.

Check out our tips to improve your EPC rating

And as a bonus, some mortgages give better rates for greener homes.

What are the scores for each EPC band?

The picture here shows the EPC bands and the scores.
A Band 92 – 100
B Band 81 – 91
C Band 69 – 80
D Band 55 – 68
E Band 39 – 54
F Band 21 – 38
G Band 1 – 20

EPC Bands A-G

Book an EPC Assessment

At P Cookson Maintenance, we are registered to provide your property with an EPC certificate and currently cover the midlands area. Give us a call today to book your EPC assessment

You can use the .Gov website to find an old certificate.

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